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Owner Rental Program

This program is designed to allow new RV purchasers and current RV owners to derive substantial income from their RV while retaining the use of it when they want to go camping. This program is tightly managed and dedicated to maintaining the owners RV in excellent condition. This program is perfect for the RV owner that can't use their RV enough to justify owning it. In addition to the income, there are many tax benefits to this program. We have different options to choose from depending on your needs.  We do require a one season contract with each RV Owner. 

Tax Benefits

Once the RV is enrolled in our program, you'll be able to enjoy the following tax benefits.

•     Depreciation - Most of our owners use a 5 year depreciation schedule for income tax purposes. You can take 52% during the first 2 years alone.
•     Expenses - You'll be able to deduct insurance premiums, maintenance costs and any upgrades you might want on your motor home. These now become business expenses.
•    Section 179 Deduction - Each year the government allows a capital investment purchase that can use an accelerated depreciation schedule for that investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my coach won't get torn up?
Hands down, this is the single biggest concern of RV owners. The long and the short of it is that the renter is
on the hook for almost everything. The only exceptions are the normal wear items. Our forms include
information such as the renter’s name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, date of birth, etc. 
Each renter will be given an extensive walk-through on the coach and must sign the Check-Out sheet either by
you, the RV rental owner, or us, Mid Oregon RV Rental. In addition, each renter is required to read the Terms
and Conditions and sign them. These terms and conditions were written to protect the coach, the owner of the
coach and Mid Oregon RV Rental. They clearly spell out what the renter is responsible for and the penalties
involved if they don't adhere to them
Every coach is clean, full of gas and water and thoroughly inspected before it leaves. The customer signs that
it's in good condition and that they agree to return it full of fuel and clean. If they don't then you, the RV rental
owner, or us, Mid Oregon RV Rental clean it and or gas it and charge the renter.

None of these things are of any use if you, the RV rental owner, or us, Mid Oregon RV Rental can't collect from
the renter if damage occurs. To make certain you, the RV rental owner, or us, Mid Oregon RV Rental will be
able to collect, each renter must pay for the rental in advance plus leave us a $500 security Deposit for all travel trailers                             and $1000 for all motorhomes. The renter must sign authorizing you, the RV rental owner, or us, Mid Oregon RV Rental to

charge any balance due on their credit card. With this credit card authorization, the customer can't successfully dispute our                  charges to their credit card company.

What about insurance?
When you enroll your coach in our program, your RV will be added to our insurance policy though Outdoorsy. You can elect to keep your current insurance policy however this is not necessary.  Also, you must send a copy of current insurance information and registration  to Mid Oregon RV rental. The renter is responsible for the deductible. There is no monthly premium cost for the insurance as the renters have the option to purchase insurance  though us Mid Oregon RV Rental or they must obtain a binder though there insurance company. If a renter does not obtain either of these they will not be allowed to take the RV. All drivers also must pass a DMV check. Your individual policy won't cover you or the coach if the unit is for hire/rent.

What if I want to use my coach?
It's very simple. When you know you want to use the coach, call us and we'll reserve it for you just as though
you were any other renter. When you pick it up, it will be full of fuel, water and propane. All we ask is that you
return it full of fuel, propane and cleaned so that it's ready to go out on the next rental.

How do I know my coach will be properly maintained?

In most cases, owner involvement with the cleaning of the motorhome assures that the unit will always be in
good condition. Each time a renter picks up the unit, you, the RV rental owner, or us, Mid Oregon RV Rental
record the actual mileage and the generator hours. When they return, you, the RV rental owner, or us, Mid
Oregon RV Rental again record the mileage and generator hours. If the unit is stored at Mid Oregon RV Rental
and the owner’s RV rental unit has 3,000 miles on it since the last service, Mid Oregon RV Rental will notify the
owner of the need for maintenance and they can take care of it.  If the unit is being stored at the RV Owner’s
house then the owner needs to notify Mid Oregon RV Rental of scheduled maintenance.

Are people allowed to smoke in my coach?
No! We don't allow smoking in any of our rental units. There is far too much risk that the upholstery or carpet
could be damaged and many people are sensitive to the smell of smoke.
Every renter must sign a sheet that clearly states that there is no smoking allowed in the coach. If they choose
to ignore this rule, they will be charged $300.00 so the coach can be fumigated and professionally cleaned to
remove the after-effects from the smoke. This charge is purposely high to deter even the most stubborn renter.

Who is allowed to drive my coach?
Only the renter and those persons designated at the time the reservation is taken. Each designated driver must
be 25 years of age and they will be required to give us their full name, address, driver’s license number and
expiration date. The renter understands that they're the responsible party and will be charged for any damage
or repairs due to negligence.

What happens if the coach breaks down on the road?
The rental customer is responsible for reporting any failures of the rental unit to you the RV owner, immediately
after noticing/experiencing a failure.  Mid Oregon RV Rental will not reimburse the client for any mechanical
damage or repairs.  If damage is due to negligence in operation of the vehicle the client will be held
responsible for any and all repairs necessary and will not receive any refunds for rental downtime due to repair
of these items.  The Terms and Conditions the renter signs clearly spell out the procedures that must be followed.
Once the unit has been repaired and returned to you, the RV rental owner, or us, Mid Oregon RV Rental, one
of us will make the determination as to whether the breakdown was due to mechanical failure or negligence on
the part of the renter. If you, the RV rental owner, or us, Mid Oregon RV Rental determine it was due to
negligence or misuse, you, the RV rental owner, or us, Mid Oregon RV Rental will charge the renter for the
repair. If the unit is still covered by a warranty, you, the RV rental owner, will either send the renter to an
authorized warranty station or you the owner will file the claim ourselves upon their return. If it's simply a
mechanical failure of a part not covered by a warranty, the owner will be charged for the repair as a part of
normal maintenance. If a unit requires repair in excess of $100.00, the owner is notified before the repair is
made unless it's an emergency or the owner can't be reached.

What if my unit doesn't rent?
How often your unit rents depends largely on what it is. The slowest renting coaches are larger luxury units.
The 20' through the 29' Motor homes are by far the fastest rentals.  Mid Oregon RV Rental cannot guarantee
that units will be rented.

Where would my unit be kept when it's not out on rental?

Many of the owners keep their coaches stored at their homes, depending on the zoning of the areas in which
they live. However, Mid Oregon RV Rental has access to a storage location where RV's can be stored
for a fee.

How and when do I get paid?
Owners statements and checks will be mailed out by the 10th of the following month. Each owner is paid for all rentals that
returned and closed out during the previous month. The owners statement consists of two parts. The first
shows any charges or credits for that month and the total amount due the owner. The second part lists all the
rentals for the unit for that month. 

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If you have a class A, B or C motorhome, pop up tent trailer, toy hauler or a travel trailer and you would like more information about our Owner Rental Program please use our contact page. We will be happy to discuss the program with you.